Michael R. Scotch


We do banners, posters, mailings, postcards

Talk to us about how some of these products can help deliver new customers using many of the same targeting strategies as in social media marketing. It is the same premise — produce engaging content that tells your story and then put it where people can see it! Whether it is a lawn sign, a banner for a corporate event, a postcard to mail to potential customers, we will deliver.

We don't print materials but we know people who do

We are not a print shop. We don't have a deal with a printer that we will recommend. We can't physically put a logo on a mug.  There are a wide variety of businesses out there that do however, and we will work with these companies whenever you need us to as part of our service agreement.

Corporate reports, tech manuals and user guides?

Yes. We have written, edited, designed and organized dozens of these types of documents. They can be difficult to make interesting. It can be impossible to make them "easy to follow". The key to success in these types of documents is understanding the person who will read them in order to understand the best way to deliver the message.

Dave Ashton

President and Owner

Let's meet today to discuss how we work together to develop a media package for your business. Your return on your investment will be higher and your story will be consistent across all platforms

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"Give us the dimensions and we can produce a design that will fit your brand
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