"It may seem simple, but people need to be able to find you for them to become a new customer"

Michael R. Scotch

People want to find you. Let them ...

Do you ever wonder how many times someone has referred your business to a friend or family member and they haven't followed up because they didn't get your contact information. They may have tried finding you on the internet by typing in your company's name, but without a professional looking website they simply moved on to a competitor. If these are the clients  you are trying to sign to fill the remaining few weeks on your work calendar, then being first in a web search may not be worth the cost and effort.

People want to hear you. Let them ...

One of the most effective ways to do well in internet search rankings is to have a large library of interesting content on your websites. It gives people more things to search on and shows customers that your are serious about letting them know that they are a professional company people can trust. This added content also allows you to populate social media sites such as Facebook, Pintrest, LinkedIn and Instagram.

People have questions. Answer them ...

You have talked to them. You have answered their questions. You understand what your customers want to know better than anyone else. Take that knowledge and provide the right answers on your website so similar customers can find them through a search engine. It can be that simple.

Dave Ashton

President and Owner

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