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At Tallships Media, we understand the world of contractors because we come from a long line of them.

Our family roots in the contracting industry run deep, and this unique perspective has allowed us to tailor our marketing services specifically to your needs.

With several dozen contractor clients who have seen tremendous results, our portfolio speaks for itself. We’ve helped contractors like you improve their online presence, connect with their target audiences, and grow their businesses. Our experience in the industry enables us to create marketing strategies that resonate with contractors and deliver tangible results.

Whether you’re a seasoned contractor or just starting out in the industry, we’re here to help you grow your business.

Let's Tell Your Story

Contractor Clients

Current and former Tallships Media Clients

Website Development

Your website is often the first point of contact for potential clients. We create professional, user-friendly websites that showcase your work, highlight your expertise, and drive customer engagement.

Social Media Campaigns

Social media is a powerful tool for contractors. We’ll craft effective social media campaigns that connect you with your target audience and build your online presence. Whether you need to reach homeowners, businesses, or other contractors, we have the strategy to make it happen.

Customer Newsletters

Stay in touch with your existing customers and keep them informed about your latest projects, promotions, and industry news. Our customer newsletters are designed to foster strong, lasting relationships and repeat business.

Video Marketing

Visual content is key in today’s digital landscape. We create compelling videos that tell your story, showcase your projects and engage your audience far more than static posts. From project showcases to “how-to” videos, our video marketing solutions can take your business to the next level.



Graphic Design

At Tallships Media, we understand that a strong visual identity is paramount to your success as a contractor. That’s why we offer a wide range of graphic design services that go beyond just digital content. We’re here to help you leave a lasting impression on your audience, whether it’s your clients, partners, or the public at large. Our comprehensive graphic design services include:

Branded Clothing

Make a statement and create a unified, professional look for your team with custom-branded clothing. Whether you need hats, t-shirts, hoodies, or any other apparel, we design high-quality clothing that proudly showcases your company logo and branding.

Lawn Signs

Lawn signs are a powerful marketing tool for contractors. Our skilled designers create eye-catching, lawn signs that help you promote your services and attract attention through Calls To Action and a QR code throw to your website. From project announcements to contact information, we ensure your message is clear and memorable.

Truck Lettering

Turn your work vehicles into mobile billboards with our truck lettering and graphic design services. We design customized graphics and lettering that represent your brand, ensuring that your trucks and trailers get you noticed as they travel to job sites.

Presentations & Sales Brochures

Engage your clients and partners with professional, visually appealing business presentations, flyers, postcards, brochures and business cards. Tallships Media crafts impactful designs that convey your expertise and project your professionalism, helping you secure contracts and build trust.

We’ll design sales decks compatible with PowerPoint, Keynote and PDF formats that not only communicate the value of your services but also impress your next customer with stunning visuals, compelling data, and persuasive content.